narrative consultant./story doctor./

messaging maven.

… let’s talk about text, baby.


Writing and talking about yourself is HARD. It doesn’t matter who you are and how well you can do it for others. Stories and ideas seem so clear in your head. But when you try to share them with the world, it’s word-salad-what-am-I-saying madness.


Sacred Record is here to untangle your story, toss that salad, and share it in a way that looks and sounds like you.

We’re gonna unlock your words and dig up the language that shares your message in a way that feels true to you. We’ll harness the power of your experiences - all of ‘em! - together to help you shine. Can’t wait!*

*Don’t worry, it’ll be fun. No thumbscrews, no iron maiden, no rack - just you pronouncing your awesomeness to the world

I think I was probably a cowboy in a past life.
— Gin Wigmore, musician