Less is More - Shopping Ban, Month 2 Update

Lesson #1 – Any time you eat out, it’s gonna cost more than you think. Like, seriously. Add twenty percent to your budget for this, at least.

Lesson #2 – Budget for gifts.

Lesson #3 – Write down the budget for gifts.

Lesson #4 – Just because something is insanely cool does not mean you need to own it.

Lesson #5 – This includes things that are rare, expensive, on sale, tweeted about by a favorite author, and featured in articles online.

Lesson #6 – If you’re buying something that meets any of the criteria for #5 for your significant other, you are probably in violation of #4.

Lesson #7 – Set the gift budget IN ADVANCE.

 Lesson #8 – If your significant other’s birthday is relatively close to your own, it’s ok to budget something for yourself so that you do not violate #4.


 Lesson #10 – Maybe buy a pre-loaded Amazon card and use that for gifts? I might try this.

I think you can tell what my biggest discovery was this month - if I don’t have a clear plan, I’m setting myself up to fail. On the other hand, if I know my limitations in advance, I can buy something that the recipient will enjoy AND I won’t feel the need to spend ages beating myself up.

In case you were wondering, the 1990s post-Soviet edition of the Lord of the Rings in Russian with crazy-awesome illustrations went over extremely well.

Happy February, all!


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Suzie Soloviev