The Open Road - A Metaphor for You

I posted this to a private Facebook group on my launch day. It received such a lovely response that I wanted to share it with you in this space.

A little while ago, my therapist gave me this metaphor. I wanted to share it with you today.

You are driving a bus. You're on your way to someplace amazing - your dream job, your family, Disney World, a better life, whatever your goal is. On the way, you stop the bus to pick up a passenger. The passenger is huge, smelly, ugly, angry fellow called "Anxiety". Anxiety sits behind you on the bus and shouts all kinds of things - you're not good enough, you're not smart enough, they're all laughing at you, etc. Anxiety can't cross the yellow line to get to you, it just keeps shouting into your ear.

Then, suddenly, it says "turn left". In your bewilderment, you do.

Now you're off track. You have to figure out how to get back on the road to Disney World.

You keep driving. You let more passengers on. A lot of them are like Anxiety, and yell mean things at you, and bad directions. A few are kind souls who whisper nice things to you. They're all on the bus - but you're still the one driving. You can hear all of the terrible things and awful noises and smell bad smells. You keep driving. They keep saying what they will, telling you which way to go. You keep driving. You have places to get to.

It doesn't matter what the passengers say. You're the one driving.

I am extremely happy to report that I drove all the way to my launch today.

A bunch of passengers have been shouting at me as I posted to all my social media accounts, and as I allowed myself to be vulnerable by sharing this work that is so important to me.

I'm just going to keep driving. Thanks for the map, Michelle. And thanks for the fuel, everyone.

Do you have a favorite metaphor that you use for business or life? Share with me in the comments. I’d love to hear it.

Suzie SolovievComment