Notes from Past Clients


Quick Thoughts

MIISH G, Copywriter with a delightfully updated bio

“Suzie, I'm having so much fun with this! it feels like you're as invested in this as I am, and I'm loving every second.”

MEGAN C., Style Maven whose about page is working harder for her

“Your POV makes me want to take a whole new look at both pages and make them work harder for us in unique ways.”

ZACHARY G., Fulbright Fellow in Post-Conflict Redevelopment who sent in a killer grant application

“I'm deeply impressed by the speed of your review and the depth as well! Mentioning the global migration crisis and moving outside the [local] context was a really good suggestion that I couldn't see because I'm so deep in it, thank you!”

LELA S., Artist whose revised bio rocks

“Love this! Just did the [MadLibs Worksheet]. Very helpful. Repeating and honing.”

Longer Letters

BRITTNEY G., Doula with a newly launched website whose messaging is ON. POINT.

Before working with Suzie I was completely overwhelmed with trying to build my own website. I had never done anything like it before, so not only was I lost in trying to navigate this whole new world of website building, I was also thoroughly not enjoying myself in the process. I was so excited to be starting a business, and I really did not want to be stuck in the same rut for months not making any progress on my website (which is exactly what happened before I connected with Suzie).

Suzie helped me to create a vision for my website. First, it was so helpful to have someone set attainable deadlines for me - I was able follow a timeline so I didn’t feel the need to have all my content in at once. Suzie was dedicated to sticking to the specific needs of my website I noted to her, but also took initiative when it came to creative aspects of website building that I felt I didn’t know enough about (i.e. formatting, picture placement, fonts, etc.). It was very important to me that my website was both aesthetically pleasing and user friendly (no complicated navigation pages for me!), and she nailed it. She took the time to talk to me about not only what was necessary to create a comprehensive website, but also cared just as much as I did that my personality shone through, as well.

Now I have a website better than I could have hoped for. I feel proud of the work that I put it, and I feel confident that someone who is looking at my website will get a good picture at who I am as a professional, and as a person. I am very grateful for her answering all my questions and soothing all my little website-building anxieties throughout the few months we worked together. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Suzie! 

JENNIFER G., Theatre Educator who is conquering the job quest with a new resume.

Before working with Suzie I was applying to any job that looked like it even remotely fit something that I could see myself doing. I was still using the same cover letter and resume format I had after undergrad. I had only received 2 interviews that didn't go any further than a first interview. I was getting extremely discouraged and felt like all the work I had done to get where I currently am still wasn't good enough. 

Suzie helped me to narrow down to what I really wanted for my job. She was incredibly helpful in giving me the guidance and resources to update my cover letter and resume to really show all that I am able to do. She also gave me the tools to move on from any job application. 

Now, I look forward to applying to jobs with a cleaner resume that shows my strengths and has buzz words that will appeal to possible employers. I'm excited to share my cover letter which now shows who I am and conveys the passion I have for teaching. I am going to go out with renewed confidence and find the perfect job for me.