How to survive This PodCast*

Navigating life once you realize you have to write your own ending.

*No actual survival skills taught. Not official ones, anyway.

War. Politics. Break ups. Summer camp. The world’s gonna throw a lot at you. But whether it’s zombies or spotting a bat in your window, we’ve got you covered.

With hilarity, a dash of awkward, and commentary on the stories media tells us, welcome to How to Survive This Podcast. We promise you’ll make it out intact.

Coming SUmmer 2019.

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season 1.jpg

Episode One: …When the Zombie Apocalypse actually happens..

Listen as Suzie, Justine, and Noah tackle the ultimate challenge: The Zombie Apocalypse. There’s no getting out alive… is there?


Episode 2: … When You Need to Break Up.

Sometimes they just won’t let go. Suzie and Justine discuss the many Steves in Suzie’s life, the benefits of living abroad, and whether or not electronic music is the answer.

Episode 3: Coming soon!

Stay tuned…