S.O.C.I.A.L. C.I.R.C.L.E.

a month long support group to get comfortable being yourself online


Get your social groove in gear

Are you a small business owner, blogger, or creative who wants to hop on the social media train?

Feel like you’re never quite sure what to say?

Feel stiff, fake, or just plain scared?

There’s a group for that.

Suzie helped me to narrow down to what I really wanted ... She was incredibly helpful in giving me the guidance and resource... to really show all that I am able to do.
— Jennifer Greffin

This class includes . . .

  • Daily challenges six days per week

  • A supportive group behind the scenes

  • The chance to be yourself

  • SHOWING UP every day

  • Practice setting boundaries

  • The opportunity to find your voice in this crazy internet world

  • HUGE celebrations!!

[Suzie] cared just as much as I did that my personality shone through... I feel confident that someone who is looking at my website will get a good picture at who I am as a professional, and as a person.
— Brittney Gardner


Who’s teaching?

Hi! I’m Suzie McLellan Soloviev.

I’m a Narrative Consultant. I help people talk about themselves and their work to ultimately increase up their income potential.

Past projects included being a biotech administrator, teaching theatre/Mandarin/civics, coordinating international events & teams, and moving frequently. I collected a LOT of stories along the way.

Suzie, I’m having so much fun with this! it feels like you’re as invested in this as I am, and I’m loving every second.
— Miish Grixti



DAILY PROMPTS- Practice, practice, practice

You’ll receive daily prompts to get your juices flowing and figure out how you have fun.

It’s all about putting yourself out there in a small, safe, supportive group, six days per week, and building important, healthy habits.

($100 value)



Weekly Q + A calls give you and your group mates time to work through anything that’s bugging you about your posts. This is your chance to try out ideas and hear that essential gut reaction from an audience who loves you already. Most importantly, it’s an opportunity to make. a. plan. already!

($300 value)

TWO One-on-One- One-on-One Check In Calls

You. Me. Up close and on Zoom.

We’ll dig into your hopes for the month at the beginning and get clear on your goals. We’ll follow up to give words to your personal style and make sure you’re solid on your approach.

($500 value)


I’m deeply impressed by the speed of your review and the depth as well! [Those were] really good suggestions that I couldn’t see because I’m so deep in it, thank you!
— Zachary G.


What’s my investment?

The course is $449 for the whole shebang. This course is limited to TEN participants only, so secure your slot quickly.

You should also plan to spend 15 - 30 minutes per day writing and reviewing our materials and 1 hour per week on a call.



Imagine this:

You wake up, and start the endless phone scroll. Same old shiny people with shiny lives, giving you a slight headache and super tense jaw muscles. Always inadequate.

But not today, friend.

Today, you open your phone and see a chance to share your light. You have a gorgeous picture you snapped last week, and you feel the urge to share something real.

You’ve practiced your skills for weeks. You know you have a group of allies out there.

You confidently choose the pic, adjust your settings, and get ready. You speak your truth into the talk-to-text function. You send your message - of joy, solace, anger, serenity, hilarity, whatever it is that’s driving you today - out into the world. People respond to you with well thought out comments, and you feel safe.

Sounds nice, right? I think so, too.




My refund policy is the same as Katy Perry’s - you’re invited to join us, and your spot is your spot for the show. You can and should show up for it, but if you can’t make it, you’ve still purchased that spot. Give yourself the gift of this opportunity and show up whole heartedly!