Day of Legend:

Training and Centering for Corporate Heroes

Any of these sound familiar?

  • You just went through a big transition - or are about to

  • See your employees answering what they do and/or what they offer in a similar way to one another (or at all)

  • You know you’re missing a creative spirit in their group

  • Know the importance of your own history and story

  • Crave a sense of pride in your own stories and history

  • Yearn to find your common identity

  • Want to build a strong and seen community among yourselves and those you work with

  • Value creativity and want to bring someone to bring your story to the surface in an artistic way

  • Want an interactive way to uncover all this and include your team

  • Need outsider to help you reflect on who you are and where you’re going

  • Want to celebrate milestones in a unique, important, and enthusiastic way

So, what do I get at the end of the day?


  • Sacred Record’s Story Assessment , which includes:

    • summary of how you worked today

    • how you/your team work best

    • the language you and your team will use moving forward.

    • Next steps!

Looking for a bigger report? A longer record? A B Side? We can add that on too.

Ala carte options include...

  • TEDx talk development (outline, practice, etc.)

  • Multi-day internal events based on your challenges and goals

  • Active conflict scenario (and resolutions)

  • Crafting more engaging meetings

  • Overseeing the creation of a company record book

  • Assessment of your current marketing and promotional tools as it aligns to what we uncover together

  • Hourly Consulting

What makes Sacred Record right for me?

With formal training and experience in contemporary education best practices, I’m able to assess learning styles and make recommendations about how your team works best. My theatre-infused techniques make for engaging working meetings, satisfying experiences, tangible products for your employees to look back on, and shared memories. If being fully present is how you roll, you will LOVE our work together.


Customized Training to Pull Your Team Together, Honor Your past, and look to your future.

Bespoke WorkshopS. Leadership Coaching. Brand Book Makeovers. Conflict Resolution. Laughter and memories and bonding and stories to last for years.


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