Instagrammers, bloggers, coaches, artists, and people whose professions I can’t even imagine. This space is just for you.


  • People to see you AND your product/service.

  • To feel like you’re putting something real out there.

  • To know that you’re serving others.

You need…

  • A clear about or home page.

  • Course or curriculum development help.

  • Copy planning for the next week, month, quarter…

  • To make those sweet, sweet dollars.


It all starts with a free twenty minute consult call.

We suss out what’s really bothering you, and how our time together should be structured.

So, what will I get from our sessions?


  • The agreed upon end product … AND….

  • Sacred Record’s Story Assessment , which includes:

    • summary of how you worked today

    • how you/your team work best

    • the language you and your team will use moving forward.

    • Next steps!


Looking for a bigger report? A longer record? A B Side? We can add that on too.

Ala carte options include...

  • TEDx talk development (outline, practice, etc.)

  • Multi-day internal events based on your challenges and goals

  • Active conflict scenario (and resolutions)

  • Crafting more engaging conversations and webinars

  • Overseeing the creation of a company record book

  • Assessment of your current marketing and promotional tools as they aligns to what we uncover together

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